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We ensure that the networks we implement conform fully to industry best practices, and depending on the nature of the business, are fully compliant with the appropriate convention, whether that is PCI, EI3PA, SSAE16 or HIPPA.

Network security encompasses a number of different layers. At the perimeter levels, defenses are initially controlled by devices such as firewalls. Firewalls sometimes have intrusion detection and prevention services embedded in them. The network operating system then has access control features, which is implemented through sound user and group permissions and policies. Anti-virus services are also critical to network security, as are other features.

However, in this day, more network exploitations originate through socially-crafted schemes, such as phishing. Companies that fail to properly train employees suffer cyber extortion, such as Crypto Locker and Crypto Wall, as well as other exploits that deny access to, or steal data.

We can implement sound solutions that conform to industry best practices, and are in compliance with the major conventions.